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Bella Notte Productions offers an array of services in music preparation that can be as extensive or limited as your project, budget, or schedule requires. Our goal is to provide the clearest scores and parts to ensure accuracy and efficiency in recording sessions and performance. We work in both Sibelius and Finale. Below are just examples of what each service can entail.

Music Input     

Professionally engraved version of your handwritten scores or scores for which you no longer have the notation files.

MIDI Cleanup    

Transferring your DAW-based project to a notation program? Save yourself the time of cleaning up your score with general setup, basic formatting, and rhythm and notation cleanup.


Further translation of the DAW-generated project into notation. This fine-tuning includes dynamics and articulations, instrument splits and changes, smoothing out notation for sight-reading efficiency, optimized spacing and page turns, and specific considerations for the instruments used.


Generate clear, professional parts from a score. Incorporates appropriate formatting and further considerations for each particular instrument.


Proofread handwritten scores against an engraved one, parts against the score, or DAW-generated notation against an engraved score.


Includes taped parts and bound and tabbed scores, with special consideration for session recording needs.

Session Librarian    

Have one less thing to prepare before the session - let us handle organizing and distributing music at the studio. 

Music preparation needs can be diverse. Even if it isn't listed here, contact us about any service you need that involves the written score. 

Use the Contact page to give us more information about your project and we can provide you with a rate tailored to your budget and needs.

Because we value the educational experience of being able to record with a live ensemble, special rates are available for students.

Amanda Stimac

Amanda's passion for the printed score has guided her to a career in music preparation. She has been part of the music preparation teams for major feature films (FrozenStar Trek Into DarknessMan of Steel), film-in-concert productions (RatatouilleStar Trek), and theme parks (Shanghai Disney Resort).

She independently undertook the music preparation for Daniel Stimac's two feature films, A Date With Miss Fortune and SPIT: The Story of a Caveman and a Chicken. These projects encompassed complete orchestration, copying, printing, and serving as session librarian.

As the other half of Bella Notte Productions, Amanda also handles the logistics of score supervision, including budgeting, recording, and music supervision. She's also an occasional lyricist and writing partner.

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