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Send me your cue/track, I'll record guitars (or any other instruments below) and send it back!

Instrument List:     


- Acoustic Nylon Guitars

- Acoustic Steel String Guitars 

- Electric Guitars 

- Mandolins 

- Ukuleles (soprano, tenor, tenor with low G string, baritone) 

- Bass Guitar 

- Dulcimer 

- Synths and Electric Piano 

- Also Ocarina, random Whistles and Ethnic Flutes, Melodica and Accordion 

Guitar/Mandolin/Uke Techniques:

- Strumming

- Fingerpicking

- Soloing

- Effects and Weird Stuff such as E-Bow 

- Improvisation if you'd like or need!

What I Need:

- Full reference mix of your mockup

- Stem without the MIDI guitars (or instrument playing what I need to play)

- Stem of ONLY the MIDI guitars (or instrument playing what I need to play)

- Sheet music is OPTIONAL...I don't need it to learn and play the parts;

                                          I can play by ear, so you can save time and money!

What I Can Deliver:

- Mono & Stereo Mic Stems (so you can choose which works better in your mix)

- Stereo Take Stems

- Alternate Takes 

- Improv Takes 

- Revisions If Needed


$85 USD or £65 Pounds per hour 

Bulk Rates Available for more cues (or a complete score).

Please shoot me a quick email if you have any questions about my rates (and how much I could get done in a certain amount of time) or want to chat about your project! 

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