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Bella Notte Productions offers a wide range of Orchestration Services, from full Midi Mockups to Orchestration for a Full Orchestra, and everything in between. Below are a few examples of those services. Please contact us with any questions.

MIDI Cleanup (also under "Music Preparation")

Transferring your DAW-based project to a notation program? Save yourself the time of cleaning up your score with general setup, basic formatting, and rhythm and notation cleanup.



           - Translating Midi Orchestra to Score for any number of Live Musicians

           - Voicing Woodwinds, Brass, and Strings

           - Orchestrating a piece from a rough piano sketch or idea, for any size ensemble or orchestra

           - Using diverse and ethnic instrumentation if called for or needed

           - Creating Full Mockups from Midi Files or Scores

           - Creating Full Scores for an Ensemble or Orchestra

Orchestration needs can vary greatly. Even if it isn't listed here, contact us about any service you need that involves creating a mockup or orchestrating any size piece for any size orchestra or choir. 

Use the Contact page to give us more information about your project and we can provide you with a rate tailored to your budget and needs.

Because we value the educational experience of being able to record with a live ensemble, special rates are available for students.

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